Week 15 Artist Conversation-Krystal Ramirez

Artist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: School of Art Holiday Art Sale, Gallery

Media: Metal

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, CSULB

instagram: @kgrmetalcraft

Website: N/A

About the Artist:

Artist Krystal Ramirez is a senior at CSULB. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Metal Sculpting. Although some of her work was displayed and offered for sale in the Art sale, Krystal plans on having her very own art exhibit sometime in the spring semester. On her spare time, Krystal enjoys thrift shopping, antique shopping and crafting. She shared that she is most creative and productive late at night and enjoys creating jewelry. After being introduced to jewelry making in high school, Krystal decided to pursue it as a college student. She was able to do so at CSULB by becoming part of the metal sculpting program in the CSULB School of Art.

Formal Analysis

This week’s art galleries were used for the CSULB School of Art Holliday Art Sale instead of being used to display a single artist’s exhibit. Every piece of art for sale in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery was very beautiful and well crafted. The sale included a few of Krystal’s pieces. She created small, shiny copper pots with small green succulents planted inside.

Content Analysis

When talking about her art, Krystal mentioned that because these pieces were made to be sold, they were different from her other works. She shared that when she is making a piece without a customer in mind, her work tends to be more personal and meaningful. However, when she creates a piece with a customer in mind, her work tends to be more thoughtful and visually appealing. She tries to envision a work of art that will be liked by many people.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I really enjoyed this weeks artist conversation. It was very different than the other artist conversations, but enjoyable none the less. I liked seeing so many beautiful works of art in one place, it almost felt more like a museum instead of a sale. Every piece was very well crafted and creative. I found Krystal’s work to be very beautiful and practical.


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