Week 15- Activity- Finger Painting


This week, I tried out finger painting for the first time in a long time. It had been so long since I had tried finger painting that I no longer have any memory of it, I just know I have done it before as a child. For me, this activity was pretty fun because I had a friend of mine join me. Once I got used to getting my hands/ fingers dirty, I enjoyed the activity.

Finger painting was harder that I expected. This was primarily because I have a hard creating something abstract. I can’t help feeling like everything I make has to be something. I guess I’m not used to creating anything abstract since I was a child. After accepting that my painting is not supposed to be or look like anything, the experience is pretty liberating and relaxing.

This activity is different from graffiti writing because the graffiti writing was not as abstract. I knew what it was supposed to be and how it should look like. With finger painting, I actually felt like I had less control over the appearance of the painting. With graffiti writing, I knew that if it resembled my name, it was “good”. But with finger painting, I wanted no make it look “good”, but I did not know how to do that. I also felt like a grown up “rebellious” kid while spray painting. On the contrary, finger painting felt like a throwback to childhood.



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