Week 14- Classmate Conversation- Alex Miramontes

Classmate conversation with Alex Miramontes

For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Alex Miramontes. While talking to Alex, I learned that he is a fourth year college student expecting to graduate next semester with a major in psychology and a minor in human development. On his spare time, Alex enjoys listening to music and is a fan of bands: Arcade Fire, Local Natives, The National and The XX. He also enjoys watching movies and his favorites include: American Beauty, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Her. His favorite art 110 assignment was the graffiti project, one that I also enjoyed quite a lot!

We discussed what we think college will be like for students in 2036. One of the first changes we could think of was advances in technology affecting classes. We thought that with more technological advances, more students would take classes online and not have to show up on campus as much. Another cool thought was that, in order to offer classes at more convenient times, a single professor would be able to teach multiple class rooms at a time via video chat or hologram. We also thought that more majors might be introduced. Maybe even new ways of teaching subjects to better suit different learning styles


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