Week 15- Activity- Finger Painting


This week, I tried out finger painting for the first time in a long time. It had been so long since I had tried finger painting that I no longer have any memory of it, I just know I have done it before as a child. For me, this activity was pretty fun because I had a friend of mine join me. Once I got used to getting my hands/ fingers dirty, I enjoyed the activity.

Finger painting was harder that I expected. This was primarily because I have a hard creating something abstract. I can’t help feeling like everything I make has to be something. I guess I’m not used to creating anything abstract since I was a child. After accepting that my painting is not supposed to be or look like anything, the experience is pretty liberating and relaxing.

This activity is different from graffiti writing because the graffiti writing was not as abstract. I knew what it was supposed to be and how it should look like. With finger painting, I actually felt like I had less control over the appearance of the painting. With graffiti writing, I knew that if it resembled my name, it was “good”. But with finger painting, I wanted no make it look “good”, but I did not know how to do that. I also felt like a grown up “rebellious” kid while spray painting. On the contrary, finger painting felt like a throwback to childhood.



Week 15 EC- Feedback

Art 110 fall class of 2016 has come to an end. As part of my feedback for this course, I would like to select the following three activities as my favorites: 1. automatic drawing 2. graffiti writing 3. plaster casting. I really enjoyed these three activities! I loved having an assignment that involved going to the beach. It was a break from the usual boring assignments I normally have. I had never tried graffiti writing. In fact, it it weren’t for that assignment, I doubt I would have crossed my mind. It was surprisingly fun and enjoyable. Lastly, the automatic drawing was one of the most relaxing things I have done in a long time. It was a calming experience and I had fun making and decorating it with my friend.

My least favorite activities were the vlogs and landscape with a corpse. I just think they take too much time (maybe not for everyone but I though so personally).

I really liked the hybrid format of the class. I have never taken another hybrid or online class before and I liked not having to meet so many times. I liked the flexibility that this format allowed.

Besides the activities, the other assignments were a bit boring. I really liked most of the artist conversations, but I sometimes felt some artists did not enjoy being bombarded with questions. My favorite assignments were the activities by far.

I think e-portfolios can be very useful, but they’re not for everyone. I think there is no point in creating one if you’re not willing to invest time to maintain and update it, but if you are willing to do so, it is definitely useful.

Art talk discussion: The weekly videos were very interesting, however, I would have liked a more interactive way of learning the information on the videos so that it is not too easy to get lost, bored or distracted.

Week 15 Artist Conversation-Krystal Ramirez

Artist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: School of Art Holiday Art Sale, Gallery

Media: Metal

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, CSULB

instagram: @kgrmetalcraft

Website: N/A

About the Artist:

Artist Krystal Ramirez is a senior at CSULB. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Metal Sculpting. Although some of her work was displayed and offered for sale in the Art sale, Krystal plans on having her very own art exhibit sometime in the spring semester. On her spare time, Krystal enjoys thrift shopping, antique shopping and crafting. She shared that she is most creative and productive late at night and enjoys creating jewelry. After being introduced to jewelry making in high school, Krystal decided to pursue it as a college student. She was able to do so at CSULB by becoming part of the metal sculpting program in the CSULB School of Art.

Formal Analysis

This week’s art galleries were used for the CSULB School of Art Holliday Art Sale instead of being used to display a single artist’s exhibit. Every piece of art for sale in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery was very beautiful and well crafted. The sale included a few of Krystal’s pieces. She created small, shiny copper pots with small green succulents planted inside.

Content Analysis

When talking about her art, Krystal mentioned that because these pieces were made to be sold, they were different from her other works. She shared that when she is making a piece without a customer in mind, her work tends to be more personal and meaningful. However, when she creates a piece with a customer in mind, her work tends to be more thoughtful and visually appealing. She tries to envision a work of art that will be liked by many people.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I really enjoyed this weeks artist conversation. It was very different than the other artist conversations, but enjoyable none the less. I liked seeing so many beautiful works of art in one place, it almost felt more like a museum instead of a sale. Every piece was very well crafted and creative. I found Krystal’s work to be very beautiful and practical.

Week 14- Classmate Conversation- Alex Miramontes

Classmate conversation with Alex Miramontes

For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Alex Miramontes. While talking to Alex, I learned that he is a fourth year college student expecting to graduate next semester with a major in psychology and a minor in human development. On his spare time, Alex enjoys listening to music and is a fan of bands: Arcade Fire, Local Natives, The National and The XX. He also enjoys watching movies and his favorites include: American Beauty, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Her. His favorite art 110 assignment was the graffiti project, one that I also enjoyed quite a lot!

We discussed what we think college will be like for students in 2036. One of the first changes we could think of was advances in technology affecting classes. We thought that with more technological advances, more students would take classes online and not have to show up on campus as much. Another cool thought was that, in order to offer classes at more convenient times, a single professor would be able to teach multiple class rooms at a time via video chat or hologram. We also thought that more majors might be introduced. Maybe even new ways of teaching subjects to better suit different learning styles

Week 14-Photo 2- Instagram Activity

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Beginning this activity, I was not very enthusiastic about it because I am not one to post many pictures or posts on any social media site. However, after forcing myself to post a few posts, I found it pretty fun in the end. While seeing everyone’s posts using the #art110f16, I notice that we are all pretty similar. I noticed many posts about my classmate’s adorable pets, some posts about being in CSULB and lots of food. In reality, we all have very similar lives right now. It is interesting to think that although our lives are all very similar now, our lives will probably be very different after graduation. This activity shows that although we are all pretty different, we are all in CSULB working towards a common goal and enjoying some of the best years of our lives.