Week 10- Artist Conversation #7- Tony Nguyen

The Many Tonys

Exhibition: The Many Tonys

Artist: Tony Nguyen

Media: Metal sculpture

Gallery: CSULB, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: eltigresite.wordpress.com

Facebook: facebook.com/RoboticTony

About the Artist:

Artist Tony Nguyen recently graduated from CSULB with a bachelors of Fine Arts in Metal Sculpting. As a freshman, Tony N. was originally in the illustration program, then transferred to the illustration program before discovering his passion for metal sculpting. Metal sculpting suited him well because he enjoys working with his hands. In his spare time, Tony N. enjoys building with legos and reading/writing detective novels. He one day hopes to work in hollywood creating props for movies.

Formal Analysis:

Tony Nguyen’s piece “The Many Tonys” are a series of small, metal sculptures that resemble Tony. The sculptures are roughly about 5-6 inches high and each sculpture has different attire. One of the sculptures however, is different in material. Instead of being metallic and shiny as the rest, it is made of a sheer almost transparent material.

Content Analysis:

The Many Tony’s is about the many different sides/ aspects of Tony’s personality. Each sculpture represents a different side of Tony. The sculptures are dressed differently in order to show the difference between each aspect of his personality. The transparent sculpture that hides in the background is made to represent the side of Tony that he keeps hidden. The transparent sculpture is the side of people that Tony believes no one gets to see. With The Many Tonys, Tony N. attempts to depict the idea that people have different sides to them, however he believes that there will always be a part that no one else gets to see and no one will ever truly understand.

My Experience/ Synthesis

The Many Tonys was my favorite piece because I was able to relate to the idea that each person has many sides to their personality. I have noticed this in myself and in others. I have a certain personality with my parents, and a different one with my friends, another with my professors and a different one with my sister. I find this to be similar to what Tony N. was trying to depict in The Many Tonys. I really liked the piece. I also found the meaning behind the sheer/ transparent statue that hides in the background to be especially interesting and creative.


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