Week 9- 3D 2- Art Care Package

Art Care Package to my 20 year old friend in Santa Cruz

This week, I sent my art care package to my 20 year old friend in Santa Cruz. I really enjoyed putting together the package. Although it took me a while to look for things to add to it, it was a very lovely experience. As I rummaged around my belongings in search of new additions to the package, I found many things that evoked old high school memories. Everything that I included in this art care package is special and represents a fond memory that I share with this friend.

Sending this care package was similar to a snapchat in the sense that each little object is a small representation of a time/ moment. However, it is also different because of the fact that in the package are physical things. In my opinion, that make a significant difference. To me, having and holding those objects is a lot more intimate and nostalgic. The fact that that object was actually present during  a special time/ event make is more meaningful that a quick snapchat picture that disappears in 10 seconds. Additionally, being able to actually touch and hold these objects added another level of feeling and nostalgia to the act of recalling special memories.

In my opinion, ephemera is precious and valuable. I find that ephemera gains sentimental value over time. I composed this care package with personal and sentiment filled ephemera. While putting it together, I found that my old Disneyland tickets, 3 year-old hand made Christmas tree ornaments, old birthday cards and 4 year old movie tickets have only become more special overtime. The longer the amount of time that passes since I last look at them, the more meaningful they seem when I look though them once more.

Overall, I like the idea of sending a care package better than sending a snapchat picture, however because of the added time and effort required to send a package instead of a snapchat, I think sending someone a snapchat is obviously more convenient and fast. Despite the higher level of convenience and speed, I also think that sending a physical package carries more love and meaning along  with it.



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