Week 9-Artist Conversation #6- Daniel Bonilla-Vera, Dalia Banuelos


Infraction by Daniel Bonilla-Vera and Dalia Banuelos

Exhibition Information:

Artists: Daniel Bonilla-Vera, Dalia Banuelos

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: installation

Gallery: CSULB, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: dbvphotography.com

Instagram: @deliaeffect@dbvqp

About the Artists:

Artists Daniel Bonilla-Vera and Dalia Banuelos are both undergraduate students in the California State University of Long Beach. Both artists are working towards their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Studio Art. They were inclined to work together to create “Infraction” because they both wished to gain acceptance into the School of Art’s photography program, however they were rejected from the program. They chose to react to this rejection by creating art to express their feelings.

On her spare time, Dalia practices martial arts. She also enjoys other art forms besides photography. She dabbles in a little bit of everything. She carries her camera along with her in case she is inspired by something she sees. Daniel jokes about spending his free time eating and also enjoys other art forms other than photography.

Formal Analysis:

Infraction is an elaborate installation. It is composed of several photographs taken by Daniel and Dalia. On the floor lie two figures that resemble bodies. One bent on hands and knees in the center of the floor and the other laid in the corner of the room. Over the bodies hangs a large arrangement of pictures hung by a single strand of black thread that connects like a web.

Content Analysis:

The black web of thread and pictures along with the bodies on the ground give the installation a dark and saddened feel. The dark and saddened effect is representative of the emotions associated with rejection and failure. The fact that the pictures in the installation are all rejected pieces also adds to the dark emotion created by the installation. The fact that it is all connected by a single line of thread also symbolized the fragility of life and dreams. It demonstrated how easily everything can fall apart if something meaningful goes wrong. If one connection is broken, the whole installation falls to the floor.

Syntheses/ My Experience:

While looking at the installation, I instantly got a feeling of uneasiness and sadness. The body-like figures on the floor gave me a feeling of anxiety. it also made me think of times where I have felt like I failed at something. I remembered the feeling of anxiety, defeat and fear that accompanied it. The installation gave a good idea of what it was like for the artists to be rejected from the photography program and reminded me of how frustrating it is to feel as if your life is dictated by something that you can’t control.


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