Week 8-Activity;Drawing 2- Sketching in the Garden

For this week’s activity, I tried out sketching some stuff from the Japanese garden. I was pretty reluctant about this activity because I an not very good at drawing AT ALL. The only instances where I can remember drawing something decent have been the times I where I spent entire hours erasing and redrawing every piece of a drawing over and over until it looks good.

I feel this activity relieved some of the pressure to create a perfect drawing because it was intended to be a rough sketch and a new experience that pushed us to think of lines in a different way. Instead of attempting to draw that perfect line, it was simply about drawing and just getting those lines on the paper. My favorite things to draw in the Japanese garden were the umbrellas since it was the only thing that looked recognizable in my sketches. LOL.

I like that I finally got to visit the school’s Japanese garden. I had never visited it before, although I have always wanted to. I found the garden itself to be very relaxing. Although my sketches are rough and amateur like, I really enjoyed this activity.


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