Week 10- Fiber Art Social Network

Before this week’s activity, I had never really though of the idea of a social network in real life. I always associated the term “social network” with the internet and social media. However, after thinking about it, I think that a social network applies to both in physical space, and cyberspace.

Dunbar’s Number definitely makes sense to me. I do not believe that a single individual has both the time and the emotional/ mental capacity to develop deep/ meaningful relationships with hundreds of people. In fact, I prefer keeping a close circle of 20 friends or less at a time.

In my opinion, having 1,000-5,000 friends of facebook does not mean much. I don’t think there is a way to have real friendships with every single friend on facebook.

The social network that we created in class made me think of how easily we connect with so many different people. It made me realize that the classmate conversations have been the most effective way to meet different people that we might have otherwise unwillingly ignored.

I prefer having close relationships with less than 20 people at a time. I think that each relationship requires time, and mutual effort. Therefore, I think I would not be able to keep a close relationship with more that 20 people at a time.

I prefer having “real” friends as opposed to facebook friends. Every significant/ meaningful relationship has began in real life. Therefore, I do not feel a need to have many friends on facebook. However, I do acknowledge that this may not be the case for everyone. I do not think it is impossible to develop meaningful/ strong relationships in cyberspace, I just haven’t experienced it myself.


Week 10- Artist Conversation #7- Tony Nguyen

The Many Tonys

Exhibition: The Many Tonys

Artist: Tony Nguyen

Media: Metal sculpture

Gallery: CSULB, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: eltigresite.wordpress.com

Facebook: facebook.com/RoboticTony

About the Artist:

Artist Tony Nguyen recently graduated from CSULB with a bachelors of Fine Arts in Metal Sculpting. As a freshman, Tony N. was originally in the illustration program, then transferred to the illustration program before discovering his passion for metal sculpting. Metal sculpting suited him well because he enjoys working with his hands. In his spare time, Tony N. enjoys building with legos and reading/writing detective novels. He one day hopes to work in hollywood creating props for movies.

Formal Analysis:

Tony Nguyen’s piece “The Many Tonys” are a series of small, metal sculptures that resemble Tony. The sculptures are roughly about 5-6 inches high and each sculpture has different attire. One of the sculptures however, is different in material. Instead of being metallic and shiny as the rest, it is made of a sheer almost transparent material.

Content Analysis:

The Many Tony’s is about the many different sides/ aspects of Tony’s personality. Each sculpture represents a different side of Tony. The sculptures are dressed differently in order to show the difference between each aspect of his personality. The transparent sculpture that hides in the background is made to represent the side of Tony that he keeps hidden. The transparent sculpture is the side of people that Tony believes no one gets to see. With The Many Tonys, Tony N. attempts to depict the idea that people have different sides to them, however he believes that there will always be a part that no one else gets to see and no one will ever truly understand.

My Experience/ Synthesis

The Many Tonys was my favorite piece because I was able to relate to the idea that each person has many sides to their personality. I have noticed this in myself and in others. I have a certain personality with my parents, and a different one with my friends, another with my professors and a different one with my sister. I find this to be similar to what Tony N. was trying to depict in The Many Tonys. I really liked the piece. I also found the meaning behind the sheer/ transparent statue that hides in the background to be especially interesting and creative.

Week 9- 3D 2- Art Care Package

Art Care Package to my 20 year old friend in Santa Cruz

This week, I sent my art care package to my 20 year old friend in Santa Cruz. I really enjoyed putting together the package. Although it took me a while to look for things to add to it, it was a very lovely experience. As I rummaged around my belongings in search of new additions to the package, I found many things that evoked old high school memories. Everything that I included in this art care package is special and represents a fond memory that I share with this friend.

Sending this care package was similar to a snapchat in the sense that each little object is a small representation of a time/ moment. However, it is also different because of the fact that in the package are physical things. In my opinion, that make a significant difference. To me, having and holding those objects is a lot more intimate and nostalgic. The fact that that object was actually present during  a special time/ event make is more meaningful that a quick snapchat picture that disappears in 10 seconds. Additionally, being able to actually touch and hold these objects added another level of feeling and nostalgia to the act of recalling special memories.

In my opinion, ephemera is precious and valuable. I find that ephemera gains sentimental value over time. I composed this care package with personal and sentiment filled ephemera. While putting it together, I found that my old Disneyland tickets, 3 year-old hand made Christmas tree ornaments, old birthday cards and 4 year old movie tickets have only become more special overtime. The longer the amount of time that passes since I last look at them, the more meaningful they seem when I look though them once more.

Overall, I like the idea of sending a care package better than sending a snapchat picture, however because of the added time and effort required to send a package instead of a snapchat, I think sending someone a snapchat is obviously more convenient and fast. Despite the higher level of convenience and speed, I also think that sending a physical package carries more love and meaning along  with it.


Week 9-Artist Conversation #6- Daniel Bonilla-Vera, Dalia Banuelos


Infraction by Daniel Bonilla-Vera and Dalia Banuelos

Exhibition Information:

Artists: Daniel Bonilla-Vera, Dalia Banuelos

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: installation

Gallery: CSULB, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: dbvphotography.com

Instagram: @deliaeffect@dbvqp

About the Artists:

Artists Daniel Bonilla-Vera and Dalia Banuelos are both undergraduate students in the California State University of Long Beach. Both artists are working towards their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Studio Art. They were inclined to work together to create “Infraction” because they both wished to gain acceptance into the School of Art’s photography program, however they were rejected from the program. They chose to react to this rejection by creating art to express their feelings.

On her spare time, Dalia practices martial arts. She also enjoys other art forms besides photography. She dabbles in a little bit of everything. She carries her camera along with her in case she is inspired by something she sees. Daniel jokes about spending his free time eating and also enjoys other art forms other than photography.

Formal Analysis:

Infraction is an elaborate installation. It is composed of several photographs taken by Daniel and Dalia. On the floor lie two figures that resemble bodies. One bent on hands and knees in the center of the floor and the other laid in the corner of the room. Over the bodies hangs a large arrangement of pictures hung by a single strand of black thread that connects like a web.

Content Analysis:

The black web of thread and pictures along with the bodies on the ground give the installation a dark and saddened feel. The dark and saddened effect is representative of the emotions associated with rejection and failure. The fact that the pictures in the installation are all rejected pieces also adds to the dark emotion created by the installation. The fact that it is all connected by a single line of thread also symbolized the fragility of life and dreams. It demonstrated how easily everything can fall apart if something meaningful goes wrong. If one connection is broken, the whole installation falls to the floor.

Syntheses/ My Experience:

While looking at the installation, I instantly got a feeling of uneasiness and sadness. The body-like figures on the floor gave me a feeling of anxiety. it also made me think of times where I have felt like I failed at something. I remembered the feeling of anxiety, defeat and fear that accompanied it. The installation gave a good idea of what it was like for the artists to be rejected from the photography program and reminded me of how frustrating it is to feel as if your life is dictated by something that you can’t control.

Week 8-Activity;Drawing 2- Sketching in the Garden

For this week’s activity, I tried out sketching some stuff from the Japanese garden. I was pretty reluctant about this activity because I an not very good at drawing AT ALL. The only instances where I can remember drawing something decent have been the times I where I spent entire hours erasing and redrawing every piece of a drawing over and over until it looks good.

I feel this activity relieved some of the pressure to create a perfect drawing because it was intended to be a rough sketch and a new experience that pushed us to think of lines in a different way. Instead of attempting to draw that perfect line, it was simply about drawing and just getting those lines on the paper. My favorite things to draw in the Japanese garden were the umbrellas since it was the only thing that looked recognizable in my sketches. LOL.

I like that I finally got to visit the school’s Japanese garden. I had never visited it before, although I have always wanted to. I found the garden itself to be very relaxing. Although my sketches are rough and amateur like, I really enjoyed this activity.

Week 7- Artist Conversation- Brianna Meli


Over_Realmed by Brianna Meli

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Brianna Meli

Exhibition: Over_Realmed

Media: Fiber structures, Video installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Webry Gallery

Website: BriannaMeli.com

Instagram: @melt_brianna

About the Artist

Brianna Meli is an undergraduate student at CSULB. She is a student in the School of Art’s Fiber Program pursuing the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After earning her BFA, she plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Library Science in hopes of introducing and incorporating art into her future career.

Formal Analysis

Over_Realmed consists of four large elaborate fiber banners, each with different patterns. One of the banners reads “LOL…” and the other three spell out “IDK” in black with soft colored patterns in the background. Various colorful wires and cables are weaved into the fibers that compose the letters. Brianna M. also displays two videos. One represents her in the physical realm and the other in the virtual realm created by technology and social media.

Content Analysis

While chatting with Brianna M. about her artwork, I learned that Over_Realmed is a way of expressing her feelings towards technology and social media. She reveals that she feels torn between the physical world and  the world of technology. Her work represents the internal struggle of having to keep up with the growing world of technology and social media while still feeling a need for physical connection with others. Brianna M. recognizes the importance of both worlds, yet struggles to balance the two in her life. Although technology can interfere with the physical world, it can also offer a quick and convenient way to connect with others and share art among thousands of other things. She believes technology should be used more as a tool to communicate with others as opposed to one’s primary form of human interaction.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I was able to relate to this exhibition very easily. As someone who rarely ever uses social media to communicate with others, I find it difficult to deal the pressure to be active on social media sites. Most of my friends actively post and chat via social media and I often find myself feeling left out and disconnected from them in some aspects. Although I don’t dislike technology and social media, I find it difficult to keep up with it. This exhibit spoke out to me because of my own struggle with balancing the physical world with technology.




Week 6- Activity- Zine

For this week’s activity, I chose to make a zine! I decided to make a zine that I can look at when I am feeling stressed or anxious. As a full time student, I often find myself feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I designed this zine to be filled with a few quotes and words that I sometimes tell myself when i need to take a moment to breathe and relax. I found that the entire process of making this zine turned out to be relaxing for me, especially since I was making it for that very reason. I am happy with the way it turned out and I look forward to reading it when needed.

Week 6- Artist Conversation-Blaine Scot Prow

Triangle Square 12″x 12″ Bristol on Foamcore

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Triangle Square

Media:Bristol on Foamcore

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @tiffuts

About the Artist:

Blaine Scot Prow is a senior at CSULB. He is an undergraduate student working on his BFA in studio art. Some of his interests include mathematics and alternative/ indie rock music. In his free time, he plays the bass guitar and keyboard. After graduation, Blaine S.P. would like to work for a company specializing in graphic design.

Formal Analysis

Blaine’s piece “Triangle Square” is the first piece from his art exhibition titled “Extrusions”. “Triangle Square” is a three dimensional piece made of paper. It has a three dimensional paper pyramid that protrudes from the canvas. Because it is black and white, it has a very clean, sharp and precise look. Every line appears perfectly straight. No curves. No color. According to Blaine S.P. the exhibit took about 24 hours to work to complete.

Content Analysis

The piece is made to explore the relationship between two dimensional and three dimensional shapes. The face that it is in black and white and has no color allows the focus to be entirely directed to the shape. The idea of making a pyramid was inspired by Blaine’s favorite shape, the triangle. This piece, along with the rest of the exhibition, is intended to encourage a new way of seeing and thinking about two dimensional and three dimensional art. It is meant to show that they are both related and not two separate and completely different things.

Synthesis/ My experience

This piece is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed looking through the exhibition. I found it interesting to see the two dimensional paper transform into a three dimensional shape. I am also a fan of geometry, therefore this piece was very aesthetically pleasing to me. It is very sharp and precise which gives it a modernized look in my opinion. The black paper background behind the cutout helps illustrate the transformation from a two dimensional paper to a three dimensional shape.