Week 5-Artist Conversation- Ralph Acosta

Runway Gothic Medium     Poster, 2016   Dgital Color Prints   24″x 36″

Artist: Ralph Acosta

Exhibition: Runway Gothic Medium

Media: Poster

Galleries: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ralph.acosta.50

About the  Artist

Ralph Acosta is a graduate student at CSULB with a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design degree and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in General Art . He grew up in the city of Los Angeles and was fascinated by planes as a child. Although he focuses in graphic design, he also dabbles in photography, film and motion graphics among other medias.

Formal Analysis

Ralph designed a poster titled “Runway Gothic Medium” to showcase the new font he created as part of his attempt to redesign the Los Angeles Air Port. The 24″x 36″ has a picture of a plane flying over Los Angeles. The alphabet and numbers 0-9 are written in white over the blue sky background in the font Ralph Acosta created. The font has a very modern and stylish look.

Content Analysis

Ralph Acosta grew up in Los Angles. He mentioned that as a child, one of his favorite past times was going to the Los Angeles Air Port and watch the planes take off and land. Before, airports were places associated with excitement and adventure. However, now the idea of an airport is associated with stress, long lines and frustrating security procedures. In attempt to bring back some of the positive aspects of air travel, Ralph A. was inspired to redesign the LAX  in effort to add consistency to the design of the LAX and with it some of the romance it was once associated with. The shapes found in his font are inspired by shapes that Ralph A. found in the architecture of the LAX itself.


When looking at the design of the font, I notice it has a very modern look. It is modern and stylish while still remaining clean, simple and professional. I found that the curved nature of the letters gave the room a more modern look as opposed to the usual boring and inconsistent lettering I remember in the LAX. Looking at a font as a form of art was a different experience for me. I had never thought about fonts as art. In fact, I never stopped to wonder how or who created fonts. After talking to Ralph, I learned that creating a new font is  actually a very difficult, long and creative process.


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