Week 4- Artist Conversation- Carly Lake

Carly Lake Clonal Realm, 2016 Plywood, clay, acrylic & thread

Exhibition Information

Artist: Carly Lake

Exhibition: Clonal Realm

Media: Sculpture (plywood, clay, acrylic, thread)

Galleries: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: carlylake.com

Instagram: sea.lake

About the Artist:

Carly Lake is a senior at CSULB pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. She is originally from Southern California and has had a passion for drawing/illustration for as long as she can remember. When she is not busy with her artwork, she enjoys playing soccer, running and juggling. After graduation, she plans to focus on her art part time.

Formal Analysis

The piece is a vibrant and colorful hanging sculpture. The sculpture showcases brightly colored clay figures arranged in a circle over an equally colorful plywood base. Below the plywood base hang thin strands of thread. These strands of thread are intricately intertwined and woven together.

Content Analysis

After my conversation with Carly L., I learned that her piece, “Clonal Realm”, is about human relationships and codependency. In fact, the sculpture is a part of a larger exhibit titled, “Closer”. Carly L. worked in collaboration with fellow artist May Ta to create the exhibition. The two artists put together an elaborate exhibit that revolves around mankind’s desire for intimacy and the balance between intimacy with others and intimacy as an individual.

When Carly L. spoke about her sculpture, “Clonal Realm”, she mentioned being inspired by a species of plant that, on the surface, grows as separate individual bodies arranged in a circle, however, their roots are intertwined and connected. Similarly, her sculpture is intended to represent the similarities between human beings and this species of plant. Although they are individual bodies, they are also closely connected to one another as are human beings. They share roots and have a similar level of intimacy.

Synthesis/ My Experience

When I walked into the Dutzi Gallery, Carly’s sculpture immediately caught my attention. Her sculpture was bright, vibrant and complex. At first glance, I did not know what to make of it. I found it visually appealing, however,  I did not know the idea and inspiration behind the piece. While chatting with Carly, she spoke about her inspiration behind her sculpture. After hearing about the central idea behind the piece, I decided to take a second look at the sculpture; this time with her inspiration in mind. The second time I looked at the piece, I was able to appreciate the meaning behind the sculpture. I enjoyed the visual representation of human connection, intimacy and codependency.



Mentioned Artist:

May Ta

illustrator + visual artist

Instagram: maypta





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