Week 3-Classmate Convo.-Monica Lock


This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Monica Lock. Monica is in her third year at CSULB studying Business. Throughout our conversation, she spoke of her excitement about being part of Art 110 because it is her first hands on art course!

website: monicalock.wordpress.com

We discussed the question: If you were to create any artwork of your own, what would be your inspiration?

Monica said that if she could make something art related at this moment, it would be something nature related. She shared that she enjoys spending her free time outdoors. Her artwork would possibly be a depiction of the beach, mountains, or even a garden. She think it’s good to appreciate nature’s art because you are being creative without worrying about anything stressful.

Although I absolutely love nature as well, if I were to create an art piece, I would be inspired to make art about social justice. I am passionate about helping others and about fair treatment for everyone. I would like to create art that reminds people to be kind and charitable to one another and promotes fair treatment. On top of that, i would like my art to be easily shared with the world.


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