Week 3-Artist Conversation-Alvaro A.S.F.


Exhibition Information

Artist: Alvaro Alvarez Salazar

Exhibition: “A Responce to Classical Music”

Media: Painting/ Sculpture

Galleries: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Currently No website/Instagram

About the Artist:

Alvaro A.S. is a Guatemalan born, undergraduate artists at CSULB. Alvaro A.S. attended Los Angeles City College before transferring to CSULB and is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Sculpting. He enjoys creating several forms of art, like drawing/ sketching, and is interested in becoming an art teacher in the future.

Formal Analysis

The piece is made up of a large black canvas splattered with colorful, vibrant paint. The piece also consists of a video of Alvaro A.S. in the process of painting the piece which explains the rough texture and vibrance of the piece. Alvaro A.S. refers to his piece as a sculpture/ painting.  The music that played during the video was lively, classical music .

Content Analysis

After chatting with Alvaro A.S., I learned that he sees his piece as a simple and thoughtless reaction to the classical music being played in the background while he paints/ sculpts. Although it may look like a dance or performance, artist Alvarado A.S.  says that he does not feel that the video shows a performance because he feels no expectation to perform. He would also not consider it a dance since it was not choreographed or planned. He was simply reacting to the music as he painted.

Synthesis/ My Experience

While observing “A Response to Classical Music”, I felt that the artist, Alvaro A.S.was completely focused on the music alone. His movements seems guided by the music. After speaking to Alvaro A.S.about his piece, “A Response to Classical Music”, he mentioned that while creating the piece,  he was not involving his thoughts or emotions into the process. I found this to be very interesting because I tend to think of art as an emotional process. However, Alvaro A.S.’s purpose was to avoid thinking and instead to quickly respond to the music as he painted without involving emotion or thoughts. I thought this showed his physical connection with the music.



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