Week 2: Classmate Conversation

IMG_1085This week, I met Patricia Avendano. She is a sophomore at CSULB (like myself) and is undeclared, but considering a major in Marketing! Her website: patriciaarienne.wordpress.com

We discussed this week’s question: Is art relevant in today’s world. Both of us agreed that it is, but we have slightly different reasons to think so.

Patricia believes that art is relevant in today’s world because we now have social media and technology that makes art easily accessible. This facilitates the way that artists showcase their art and allows for a larger audience. because of this, art can be used as a platform to express their creativity or beliefs.

Similarly, I believe that, art is relevant/ important. I find it important because art can be used as a tool to express anything that cannot be put into words. Things like feeling / emotions, beliefs, movements etc. I also think art can be a tool to advocate social change and justice, which is something I am passionate about.


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