Week 1- Classmate Conversation


This week I had an interesting conversation with Shalane about the definition of art. After our conversation we both came up with similar definitions.

Shalane: Art encompasses anything that a person presents (or doesn’t present, if the objective is to keep it hidden) that appeals to any of the senses. This includes things the artist has made, or just selected. I appreciate the broad use of the term art, because art can be presented to its audience through more than simply sight.

Me: Art would be anything that evokes an emotional reaction or adds additional meaning/or just any deeper response to an individual. Broad and subjective.


Week 1 Activity – 3D1: Plaster Casting


Completing this week’s plaster casting activity was a memorable experience. The activity turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. Being a person that enjoys nature and the outdoors so much, this activity was a good fit for me. It it was very refreshing and relaxing to have an assignment that involves the outdoors instead of having to sit around for an hour or two.

The first attempt (left) didn’t turn out so well, however the second (middle) and third (right) attempts were better.

Overall a different and memorable experience